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UCM Methodology

At UCM we help our clients avoid downtime and production delays through the best post-sales and technical service for the packaging machinery industry.

We firmly believe that our expertise in conjunction with the UCM methodology that we’ve developed enables us to offer the best post-sales and technical service for the packaging machinery industry and with this help, our clients achieve their objectives of improving productivity and uptime. In addition to this, we help our clients reduce waste and prevent damage to their product, thus allowing them to manage their own client’s expectations better.

You’re probably wondering what the UCM methodology for the technical service of packaging machinery consists of, right? No worries, check out the methodology below:

The UCM methodology for technical service of packaging machinery called ADDIPIR Methodology consists of 6 steps: Analysis and Diagnosis, Service Definition, Inspection, Execution Planning, Service Implementation, and Final Report.

Step 1: (A)nalysis and (D)iagnosis

Once the requirement of the lead is received, we carry out the TSQ (Technical Service Questionnaire) made up of general questions to learn about the equipment and the client’s problem. With this, we evaluate at a first instance the type of service / spare parts that the client requires.

Step 2: Service (D)efinition

Once we’ve identified the problem and the equipment to be reviewed, we send a 2-hour diagnostic budget to be able to physically corroborate everything previously reviewed in the TSQ.

Step 3: (I)nspection

We gather needed information, take photographs of the components and nameplates, as well as the measurements of what is required. At this stage we will be able to define what is necessary to be able to implement a solution along with the time required. 

Step 4: Execution (P)lanning

After having inspected the situation and the equipment, we then present the client with a budget as well as propose dates to start the work, along with a scope of work that includes times and work details. 

Step 5: Service (I)mplementation

Once the client approves the budget, we start to work.

Step 6: Final (R)eport

Once the work is done, we provide the client with a final report that includes conclusions and recommendations. Additionally, spare parts budgets are presented, as well as propose other services that we can provide. 

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