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UCM Service – Technical support, spare parts & post-sale service

Who is UCM Service?

UCM Service is the first centralized and standardized post-sales technical service provider for the packaging industry. Headquartered in Miami, United States, with a national and international presence, UCM Service provides its customers with unprecedented access to partners with hundreds of specialized technicians, as well as a large portfolio of spare parts. As proof of this, UCM Service has by far the largest network of technical partners in South America and has quickly established itself as one of the best and largest networks of world-class packaging machinery service providers in the Americas.

UCM is one of the few international PMMI member post-sales service providers.


What does UCM Service do?

At UCM Service we seek to reduce downtime and improve the performance of our clients’ packaging and packaging machinery by providing the best post-sales and technical service for the packaging industry.

We specialize in the post-sales and technical service of vertical machines (VFFS) for the packaging of flexible pillow bags, horizontal machines (HFS / HFFS) for the packaging of flexible doypack bags and sachets, filling machines for bottles and jars, and dosification equipment.

At UCM Service we understand that technical problems with equipment are often unpredictable and do not always occur during normal business hours. When your packaging machine is idle, every minute counts. UCM Service’s team of experienced service technicians and engineers are here to help with packaging equipment support services quickly, whether it’s on-site service or remote service.

We handle a methodology where many of the problems can be solved remotely. Should you require on-site service, we will work with you to schedule a visit as quickly as possible.


Case Study 

We received a request from a US client that belongs to the food industry that had acquired packaging equipment through a blind auction. Unfortunately, this is more common than it should be. The problem with this type of process is that you blindly acquire equipment with high expectations and the vast majority of times these are not met due to different factors. In this case, the problem was that the equipment arrived without technical manuals or electrical diagrams and the client did not know how to put the equipment to work. At this point, they made the right decision by deciding to contact the experts at UCM Service. 

Our first step was to design a plan to come up with a diagnosis. With this, we can understand what we’re up against.

Subsequently, we gathered needed information, and based on our know-how, experience, and contacts in the packaging industry, we obtained the necessary information to define the service we believed needed to be performed.

Once the scope of the service is defined, we move on to the inspection phase. After the inspection which allows us to certify the proposed service, we present an official offer for the installation service and execution plan.

Once the service with its respective budget was approved, we executed, and in 8 days we put a vertical packaging machine with a multi-head weigher scale and product elevator to work.

Finally, we go on to generate a final report that contains conclusions and recommendations for the client.

The customer is a regular UCM Service customer and given his satisfaction with the service quality he has referred multiple customers to us. 

For more information on UCM Service, or to hire our service please contact us via support@ucmservice.com